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Well driven knowledge is a never-ending process built up by ambition and humility: it’s the key for improving life of whole mankind. Being aware of this, we can move our small step ahead in any challenge we found.

We are proud to be part of who have the chance to build a better world.


We are committed to make the perfect solution into the possible:
  • we go beyond already tried solutions
  • a high value problem is our preferred target
  • a range of cutting-edge needs is our preferred customer
  • We are…

    an  engineer team with more than one decade of experience in electro-optical equipment applied in demanding environments: factory automation,  railway, constructions and steel industries. We are ground-up team forged by long term cooperation relationship between our team, our suppliers and our customers.



    We are committed to develop diagnostic comprehensive solutions in automotive field with a special attention to the railways and automation. All our systems are fully customized in order to match completely the client’s needs. We offer not only and merely the measure of the phenomena but all the know how which is related with it and we support on all the maintenance issue of the client.


    Railway diagnostic meets up requirement of reliability, precision and speed like in few other environments. While track line use is always increasing the timeslot for its maintenance is getting smaller thanks to high-end optical equipment and computer vision software: an AI approach for automatic diagnostic!


    The tunnels are one of the most monitored infrastructures to maintain adequate safety standards. Nowadays, to meet this standards, it’s important let to get a wider variety of data: the aim is to get the different data correlation in order to point out in advance any possible structural threat.


    In the number of processes in place it is often available an enhancement possibility that may dramatically optimize the costs/quality balance. The experience with the range of optical solution linked to the elaboration potential can get to results not even considered at the beginning.


    Our first partner is the client, because its needs become our challenges and our best value: the experience. We have a rich group of distributor and professional supplier that cooperate in the success of the company.

    ETS srl

    ETS srl and ADTS are developing in synergy an innovative diagnostic system for infrastructures aimed at optimizing the state of health of both railway and motorway tunnels in terms of time and quality.

    Rail Measurement

    Rail Measurement and ADTS are joining the expertise in order to develop a wide span of railway diagnostic equipment.

    Stay tunes

    A trade fair or exhibition is a great opportunity: stay tuned!

    Commitment and motivation have made us reach the important goal of ISO 9001 certification which has made our reality safer and more efficient. Gratified by this prestigious certification, we are confident that our growth path will not stop there.

    InnoTrans will now take place from 27 to 30 April 2021

    On 21 April 2020, in order to contain the spread of SARS-CoV-2 the Senate of Berlin imposed a ban on staging large events, in particular trade fairs, until 24 October 2020. As a result, it will not be possible for Messe Berlin to hold InnoTrans as originally planned from 22 to 25 September 2020.
    After consulting with the leading market players and founding industry associations Messe Berlin has therefore decided to postpone InnoTrans.

    The appointment with the Fair SAIE Bologna in 2020, dedicated to construction, design, construction and installation is scheduled for next October.

    From 14 to 17 October 2020 renewed the event in 2018 involved about 450 companies and offered visitors the opportunity to attend more than 227 conferences and 3 international conferences.

    The new date was reworded compared to the original, unchanged format format, content, product sectors and all the features of SAIE