Tailor made engineering

We are committed to developing turnkey solutions at the customer’s request with particular attention to railways and automation. All our systems are fully customizable to fully satisfy the customer’s needs. We offer not only the measurement of the phenomena but all the know-how connected to it and we support the customer in all maintenance matters.

Our experience in railway diagnostic systems and the approach to the “Tailor made” problem allow us to guarantee complete customer satisfaction with an unbeatable value for money.



RPMS offers a vision system based on laser triangulation.

RPMS is able to monitor the wear of the track against a reference shape.

The TUNNEL SCAN system improves the maintenance capabilities to a new magnitude of information quality and completeness. The high standard technology allows to grab high resolution images of the whole tunnel surface in the timing of a “pass through” run.

Vision 3D System is a combination of high resolution images and 3D profile of track


HRS (High Resolution Surface) uses high-definition cameras to collect and record continuous, high-speed images of any surface/object with resolution up to 0,02mm/pxl. 


The Contactless Overhead Line diagnostic and measuring equipment installable on any type of railway Vehicle can measure height and stagger and can be used outside and inside tunnels.

The Pole Detection Measurment Unit (PDMU) detects and counts poles along the railroad line.

ADTS non-contact Track Geometry Measurment System  allows an evaluation of railroad track geometry in a variety of environmental conditions.
The ADTS  detection system of rail flaw detection vehicle is designed with the principle of ultrasonic flaw detection to detect internal defects in the steel rail. It consists of equipment on board and underframe.


Corrugation irregularities on the wheels and on the tracks cause noise and vibrations and these cause damage to the components of both the vehicle and the rail.

RPT500 is a portable trolley and is designed for measuring tracks and has been designed with a focus on low weight.

RPT500 is very simple to use and thanks to laser technology it allows to carry out non-invasive and precise measurements.