Rail Fastener Detection System


The Autonomous Rail Fastener Detection System is a software based on the latest technology regarding artificial intelligence algorithms.

The purpose of the RFDS is to provide greater efficiency in track monitoring, ADTS has developed an artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning infrastructure that has the task of helping the operator in the instances of monitoring and identification of defects that belong to or are pertinent to the rail fasteners.

The technology of AI, neural networks and training data was developed in-house, this meaning that the aforementioned development processes were and still are followed by the same team which importance lays in the lack of inconsistencies related to outsourcing or third party integrations and allowing the software to be built from the ground up following specific and proper approaches. 

The main objective is to help the operator more easily determine line defects. This will reduce the amount of information presented to analysts, who will continue making the final choice of identifying false positives before submitting the identified defects for validation on the rail.

By allowing the analysts’ to focus and pay attention to fewer suspicious spots, the intention is to reduce the risk of error and the amount of time it takes people to inspect the track, therefore optimizing through time-saving and reduced active decision making, the entire analyzation process.