Pole Detector

Catenary Measurement System

The Pole Detection Measurement Unit (PDMU) detects and count poles along railroad line.

The PDMU measurement system is composed by 4 units, 2 units for each side on the vehicle roof. Each unit is composed by an high frequency laser device able to recognize the presence of pole. The PDMU measures by TOF laser, and thus contactlessly, at travelling speeds of up to 350 km/h. Thanks to a laser source unit, the PDMU is not affected by daylight and is therefore able to operate reliably during the day, in tunnels, under bridges or at night.

Technical Specification:

Measurement Method : Laser distance
Measurement Range : 0.5m – 5m
Diameter detected : 12 – 200mm
Vehicle Speed : 350km/h
Ambient Temperature : -20°C to +50°C