Tunnel Scan

Tunnel Scan

TUNNEL SCAN is able to produce a defect report to a new high level of information and quality. The high standard technology allow to grab image at very high resolution.  The TUNNEL SCAN is composed by a profilometer and by an optical system able to acquire images every millimeter and produce the shape of the tunnel at the maximum speed of 60Km/h.

LIGHTING SYSTEM, is designed by ADTS,  is composed by 16 bar LEDs light disposed all around the vehicle shape allows to obtain sharp images even at high speeds.

The software review its possible to measure:

  • Complete Tunnel Clearance;
  • Non-destructive measurement;
  • Crack Detections
  • Defect Measurement in length, area
  • Generate Report

Through the profilometer is possible to select and calculate the area and extention of the defect. The system, fully customizable, is possible to install it on any vehicle.


Max Tunnel Diameter  18 m 
No of minimum Inspection Passes  1 
Inspection Speeds 15 km/h30 km/h60 km/h
Data Acquisition Spacing  0.5mm1mm2mm
Camera Accuracy per pixel@ 5 m1.0 mm1.0 mm1.0 mm
@ 9 m1.5 mm1.5 mm1.5 mm
@ 12 m2.0 mm2.0 mm2.0 mm
Operating Temperature-5°C – 50°C
Operating Humidity (not condensing)15% – 80%
IP ProtectionIP65
Storage Temperature-15°C to 60°C
Storage Humidity15%